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Transaction code:

Transaction code is the collection of the screens where we can develop our object, sap provided their own transaction code for each and every concept those are called standard transaction codes .

If you want we can create your own transaction code those are called as custom transaction codes

In SAP there are more than 115200 standard Tcodes are there.

List of Transaction codes used in ABAP:

SE01 – Transport Organizer (Extended view)

SE03 – Transport Organizer Tools

SE09 – Transport Organizer

SE10 – Transport Organizer

SE11 – ABAP/4 Dictionary

SE12 – ABAP/4 Dictionary Display

SE13 –Dictionary Technical Settings

SE14 – ABAP/4 Dictionary: Database Utility

SE15 – Object Navigator

SE16 – Data Browser : Initial Screen

SE16N – General Table Display

SE17 – General Table Display

SE18 – BADI Builder :Initial Screen For Definitions

SE19 – BADI Builder : Initial Screen For Implementations

SE21 – Package Builder: Initial Screen

SE24 – Class Builder : Initial Screen

SE29 – Application Packets

SE30 – Run Time Analysis : Initial Screen

SE32 – SAP

SE33 – Context Builder : Initial Screen

SE35 – Maintain Dialog Modules

SE36 – Logical Database Builder

SE37 – Function Builder : Initial Screen

SE38 –ABAP Editor : Initial Screen

SE39 – ABAP Splitscreen Editor : Initial Screen

SE41 – Menu Painter : Initial Screen

SE43 – Area Menu Maintenance

SE51 – Screen Painter: Initial Screen

SE54 – Generate table Maintenance Dialog : Initial Table/ View Screen

SE55 – Generate table Maintenance Dialog : Initial Table/ View Screen

SE56 – Generate table Maintenance Dialog : Initial Table/ View Screen

SE57 – Generate table Maintenance Dialog : Initial Table/ View Screen

SE61 – Document Maintenance :

SE62 –Short Text Conversion – Activation

SE63 –Translation

SE71 – Form Painter

SE72 – Style : Request

SE73 – SAP Script Font Maintenance : Initial Screen

SE74 – SAP Script Format Conversion

SE75 – SAP Script Settings

SE76 – SAP Script From Translation

SE77 – SAP Script Style Conversion

SE78 –Administration For Graphics

SE80 – Object Navigator

SE81&SE82 – Application Hierarchy : Display

SE83 –Display Reuse Library

SE84 – Object Navigator

SE85 – Object Navigator

SE90 – Object Navigator

SE91 –Message Maintenance : Initial Screen

SE92 – Maintain system log messages

SE93 –Transaction Code Creation

SM12 – Lock table entries (unlock locked tables)

SM04 – User List

SM30 – Maintain Table Views : Initial Screen

SM31 – Maintain Table Views

SM32 –Table Maintenance

SM35 – Batch Input : Session Overview

SM36 –Define Background Job

SM37 –Simple Job Selection

SM50 – Process Over View

SM51 – SAP Servers

ST01 – System Trace

ST02 – Tune Summary

ST05 – SQL Trace

ST22 – ABAP Run Time Error

SPRO – Customizing : Execute Project

SU01 – Display User Name

SMOD – SAP enhancements

COMD – Project Management For SAP Enhancements

SHDB – Recording Overview

SMARTFORMS – For Smart Form Creation

NACE –Conditions For Output Control

LSMW –Legacy System Migration Workbench

SP01 – Output Control: Spool Request Selection Screen

SP02 – Output Control : Spool Request List

SO10 – Standard Text

AL11 – Application server path

WEDI – EDI Menu. IDOC and EDI base

WE02 – IDOC list

WE07 – IDOC statistics

WE31 – Segment creation

WE30 – IDOC type creation

WE81 – To create message type

WE82 –  assign the message type to IDOC types

WE 20 – Partner profile

WE21 – Port creation

ST01 – System trace

ST11 – Error log files

SM21 – System log

SM13 – Update requests

SM 02 -System messages

SALE – Display ALE customizing

STUN – Performance monitoring

ST12 – Application monitor

ST01 – SAP system monitor

ST06 – Operating system monitor

SICK – Installation rheck

SLIN – Extended rheck

 Sp01 – Spool rontrol

Sp02 – Display output request

CG3Y – Transfer file from application server to front end

CG3Z – transfer file from front end to application server

SWO1 – Business object builder

SWO2 – Bussiness object repository browser

Note:  TSTC is standard database table which contains all transaction codes in sap.

Enjoy 🙂

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