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SAP BW 7.3 New Features:

1).BusinessObjects Integration:

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (DS):

  • Tighter integration of BusinessObjects Data Services into extended SAP NetWeaver BW data flow concept (DataServices to support BW 7.x DataSource concept)
  • New Source System type in BW: „Data Services‟ with access to Data Services „data stores‟ and generation of Data Services data flows (i.e. simple dataflow from data store to BW DataSource)

SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward 4.1 (IS):

  • Extend existing Metadata Manager data lineage and impact analysis: include detailed mapping information from source to target
  • Change impact analysis between SAP NetWeaver BW objects such as DataStore objects, InfoSets, BEx Queries, and InfoCubes.

2).Enterprise Data Warehousing (Performance & Scalability): 

  • Semantic Partitioning: New type of modeling object with 7.3. Single point of entry for creation and admin. Wizard based creation of data models + data flows. Easy re-modeling of the partitions on an ongoing basis.Embeddable into data flows or data models. In-Memory SAP NetWeaver BWA support. Full integration with archiving and Near Line Storage functionality. Flexible definition of partitions via customer coding (Business Add-Ins).
  • Accelerated data loads for DataStore Objects
  • Accelerated data loads for Master Data and other improvements:
  • Near-Line Storage (NLS)
  • InfoCubes: Graphical Data Flow Modeling introduces new paradigm of BW modeling
  • Reduced development efforts via automated tool support:
    • Data Flow Wizard
    • Data Flow copy tool
    • Data Flow migration tool (SAP Net Weaver BW 3.x -> 7.x)
    • Implement operational reporting scenarios leveraging new modeling objects.

1).Hybrid Provider: Consists of a DataStore object and a InfoCube with automatically generated data flow in between. Combines mass data with latest delta information at query runtime. DSO object can be connected to a realtime data  acquisition DataSource/DTP. If the DataSource can provide appropriate delta  information in direct access mode a VirtualProvider can be used instead of the DSO.

2).Enhancements Real -Time Data Acquisition: Possibility to load master data with RDA Enhanced error handling and scalability (daemon can handle more DataSources more  efficiently).

3).SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator:

  • Taking the BW Accelerator to the next level of performance:
    • F4-Value help
    • Multi Provider calculation handling
    • Hierarchy support
    • Exception aggregation (min, max, count distinct)
    •  “BW Workspace” Analytic indexes.
    • Advanced features:

• BWA based InfoCube

• Use DataStore Objects to create indexes

  • Introduction of Analytical Index and Query Provider with SAP NetWeaver BW
  • Flexible Modeling Capabilities with Composite Provider in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 with BWA 7.20
  • Central Data from BW and flat files –  Assigned in the Maintenance by the IT department
  • Local Data from various sources –
  •  Uploaded in the Designer by the business user

4).SAP NetWeaver BW Integrated Planning:

  •  Continued investments for reduced TCO of SAP NetWeaver BW integrated planning.

 ABAP Planning Modeler: ABAP based Planning Modeler for a non-disruptive customizing of planning objects and their related BW objects. The ABAP-based Planning Modelerdoes not require functionalities from the Java Stack for BEx Analyzer based planning applications.

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