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Evolution of SAP BODS:

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services was not directly developed by SAP Company. It was acquired from BusinessObjects Company and BusinessObjects acquired it from Acta Technology Inc.

Acta Technology Inc., headquartered in Mountain View, CA was provider of first real time data integration platform. The two software products provided by Acta were an ETL tool, named as Data Integration (DI) tool also known as ‘Actaworks’ and a Data Management or Data Quality (DQ) tool.

BusinessObjects, a French company, world’s leading provider of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions acquired Acta Technology Inc. in the year 2002. BusinessObjects rebranded the two products of Acta as BusinessObjects Data Integration (BODI) tool and BusinessObjects Data Quality (BODQ) tool.

In the year 2007, SAP, legend in ERP solutions, acquired BusinessObjects and renamed the products as SAP BODI and SAP BODQ.  Later in the year 2008 SAP integrated both software products into a single end to end software product and named it as SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) which provides both data integration and data management solutions. In the earlier versions of SAP BODS text data processing solution is also included with it.


In the present market there are many ETL tools which dose Extraction, Transformation and Loading tasks like SAP BODS, Informatica, IBM InfoSphere Data Stage, Abinitio, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) etc.

Let’s look over why SAP BODS has got much importance in the present world’s market,

  • Firstly, it is a SAP product, as SAP is serving 70% of present world’s market and it is tightly integrated with any database.
  • SAP BODS is a single product which delivers Data Integration, Data Quality, Data profiling and Text data processing solutions.
  • SAP Data Services can Move, Unlock and govern enterprise data effectively.
  • SAP Data Services Cost-effectively delivers its solutions and is single window application with complete easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Enjoy 🙂

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