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Table Maintenance Generator :

Table Maintenance Generator is a user interface tool which is used to customize the tables created by end users and can be changed as required, such as you can insert a data into the table, deleting an entry from the table, updating an entry of table.

Prerequisite to create TMG:

To make this feature works, you should select Data Browser/Table View Maint as Display/maintenance allow in the Delivery and Maintenance tab while creating the database table as shown below.

Prerequisite For TMGSE93 is a transaction code to create Transaction code for table maintenance generator.

Follow the below steps to create transaction code for table maintenance generator.

Step1: Go to SE93 Transaction code and Provide Transaction code Name (Starts With Z or Y) and Click On Create.

Tcode for TMG1Step 2: Enter shot text and select Transaction with Parameters (Parameter Transaction) Radio button and click on enter.

Tcode for TMG

Step 3: Below screen is trigger.

Tcode for TMG2Step 4: Enter Transaction as “SM30” and select skip initial screen check box.

Do the changes as shown below and click on save button.

Tcode for TMG3

Step 5: Enter the package name and click on save.

Tcode for TMG4Below message will appear at the status bar.

Tcode for TMG5OUTPUT:

Go to the Transaction ZTMG

Tcode for TMG6 Following screen will appear.

Tcode for TMG7Click On New Entries To Create new records.

Tcode for TMG8Enter few entries.

Tcode for TMG9Click on save.

Go to Table Contents and check your entries.

that’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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