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Materials Management:

The Materials Management (MM) module is a part of logistics and it helps in managing end to end procurements and logistics business process, It is fully integrated with the other modules (SD, FI, CO, PM, QM, MW) of the SAP System.

MM module contains many phases of materials management such as materials planning and control, purchasing, goods receiving, inventory, invoice verification module.

SAP MM Flow:

SAP MM FLowPurchase Requisition: First the customer prepares the purchase requisition with required goods.

Request for Quotation: As a customer we need to send RFQ to different vendors.

Vendor Evaluation:  Once we receive the quotations from different vendors as a customer we analysis all the quotations and finally we select one vendor.

Purchase Order:  After vendor evaluation as a customer we need to raise the purchase order.

Goods Receipt: Here we receive the goods with goods receipt as a customer we need to analysis the goods receipt.

Invoice Verification: Once we receive the goods and bills from the vendor as a customer we need to verify all the good, if there is any problem in the goods then the customer informs to vendor.

Finance:  Once we receive the goods with billing customer finance guy will interact with the vendor finance guy for finance settlements.

Transaction codes:

Purchase Requisition – ME51N

Request for Quotation – ME41

Vendor Evaluation – ME61

Purchase Order – ME21N

Goods Receipt – MIGO

Invoice Verification – MIRO

Goods Issue -MB1A

Physical Inventory – MI01

Frequently used tables:

MARA – General Material Data

MARC – Plant Data for Material

MARD – Storage Location Data for Material

MAKT – Material Descriptions

MVKE – Sales Data for materials

MSEG – Document Segment- Material

MBEW – Material Valuation

MKPF – Header- Material Document

EKKO – Purchasing Document Header

EKPO – Purchasing Document Item

EBAN – Purchase Requisition

EBKN – Purchase Requisition Account Assignment

EINA – Purchasing Info Record- General Data

EINE – Purchasing Info Record- Purchasing Organization Data

MAKT – Material Descriptions

LFA1 – Vendor Master (General section)

LFB1 – Vendor Master (Company Code)

T023 – Mat. groups

T024 – Purchasing Groups

T156 – Movement Type

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