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What is Radio Button?

Radio button is a type of graphical user interface element that allows the users to select one option from set of options at a time.

Creating Multiple Radio buttons in single line on Selection Screen shown below.

Multiple Radio buttons in single lineYou can create radio button on selection screen by using the parameters and Selection-screen comment statements in SAP.

Selection screen comment: selection-screen comment is a standard SAP keyword. It is used to place comments on the selection screen.


Selection-screen comment <pos(len)> <comment> for filed <Fields Name>

Ex:  selection-screen comment 10(15) text-010 for field p_rad1.

Syntax to create multiple radio buttons in single line:

Selection-screen begin of line.

parameters: <Radio button name> radiobutton group <Radio button group>.

selection-screen comment <pos(len)> text-xxx for filed <<Radio button name>.

Selection-screen end of line.


*//Radio button design
*//Radio buttons design
selection-screen begin of line.
parameters: p_rad1 radiobutton group grp1.
selection-screen comment 10(15) text-010 for field p_rad1.
parameters: p_rad2 radiobutton group grp1.
selection-screen comment 30(15) text-011 for field p_rad2.
parameters: p_rad3 radiobutton group grp1.
selection-screen comment 50(15) text-012 for field p_rad3.
parameters: p_rad4 radiobutton group grp1.
selection-screen comment 70(15) text-013 for field p_rad4.
selection-screen end of line.


Multiple Radio buttons in single lineThat’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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