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Windows are used to organised Various parts of the output document on the page,The data coming from the ABAP program can be logically grouped into various parts and can be placed on different locations on a page using windows, there are 4 types of windows in SAP scripts
1.main window
2.constant window
3.varible window
4.graphical window

Below are the difference between Main windows and Varible Window

      Main window  Variable window
1.we can print continuous text2.we can split the main window into small windows3.Without main window we can’t design the SAP script4.Main window is default window in SAP script we can’t design the main window5.Top and bottom commands only work in main window

6.we can provide the text element name in the main window

7.next page = 0 is not possible

8.we can place main windows up to 99 times for page

1.based on the window size we can print the text2.we can’t split the variable window 3.without a variable window we can design SAP script4.we can create the variable windows


5. .Top and bottom commands not  work in variable window

6.we no need to maintain/ provide the text element name in variable window

7. next page = 0 is  possible

8.we can place only once the variable window in page

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