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To design the business document such as purchase orders, sales orders, commercial invoice , excise invoice we need forms this forms are design through layout sets.

SAP script and Smartforms are the tool in SAP to design the business documents.

                         Script                 Smart form
1.Script is client dependent

2.in script we can’t design the page without main window

3.In the script minimum one main window and maximum 99 main windows we can place one page

4.In script we can creating paragraph and character formats which are from dependent


5.In script for displaying the static text we are using standard text option (so10) standard text is client dependent

6.In script we can’t display the background pictures


7. In script we can’t write the code

8.For calling the script into the driver program we are using the below function modules




9.For giving the page breaks in the script we are using PROTECT and END PROTECT commands

10.In script we have 4 types of windows

1.Varible window

2.Main window

3.Constant window

4.Graphical window

11.In the script we don’t have the drag and drop options in windows

12.It is not possible to generates XML output


13. Only one page format is possible

14. Data extraction/calculation and form output are mixed together

1.Smart form is the client independent

2.where as smart form we can design the page without main window

3.whereas in smart form minimum 0 main windows  maximum 1 main window we can place on one page

4.whereas in smart form by using smart style option we can design the paragraph and character format which are program independent

5. whereas in smart from we can use the same options for displaying static text and in smartform they introduced text module concept for displaying static text .text module is the client independent

6. In smart from we can display the back ground pictures

7.In smart form we can write the code

8. .For calling the smartform into the driver we are using the below function module




9.In the smart form we have the option like page breaks

10.In smart form we have 4 types of windows

1.Secondary window

2.main window

3.copies window

4.final window

11.In smart form we can drag and drop option


12. Smart Forms generates XML output which can be viewed through the web

13. Several page formats are possible

14. Data extraction must be done once at the beginning, they are passed to the smart form once at the end

That’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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