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Hi friends below are the some of real time scenarios related to BADI



              In the real time MDM people (master data management) create the vendor and customer through XK01 and XD01, after creating the customer and vendor they maintain the key information in an EXCEL SHEET. At the end of the month they take a print out and put a sign of (MDM people and their BOSS) this is required for audit compliance.

Here we implement a BADI to maintain the key information in a excel sheet at the time of MDM people save the customer and vendor.

It’s reduces the lots of man hours.


In the real time account payable team (finance team) pass the document through MIR7 transaction Based on the user id. So we preset the document type by using BADI.


          In the real time the production department prepares the process order with the required material through COR1 transaction and sends to warehouse department.

The warehouse people issue the goods against the process order in two ways.

1)      Through MIGO transaction with movement type 201.

2)      Through MB1A transaction with movement type 201.

Here we validate the cost center belongs to that particular plant or not by using  BADI.


         In the real time after material is supplied by the vendor with delivery challan (DC) our warehouse people prepares goods receipt (GR) with MIGO,101 movement type.

Against the GR our finance people physically verify the stock and prepare the IR document and pay the amount to vendor.

At that time of payment our finance people deduct the TDS(TAX DEDUCTION AT SOURCE) and the rest of the amount only paid to vendor.

After two three months the vendor asks the  form16 for that TDS amount. Our finance team generates the form 16 .At that time of generating the  form 16 they used to mention the LRNO, VEHICLE NO, TRANSPORTER NAME and attached to MIGO transaction.

At that time of preparing the GR our inventory people maintain the additional information is stored in ZTABLE. The finance people collect the LRNO, VEHICLE NO, TRANSPORTER NAME from Ztable and issue the form 16 to vendor


                in the real time whenever MDM team create the vendors and customer based on the company code to preset the recon account and cash management group by using BADI. Based on the purchase organization and sales organization we preset the payment terms by using BADI.

That’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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